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Episode #7 – FLORIDA LOTTERY SCRATCH OFF – $1 Holiday Luck – $2 Holiday Luck – $5 Holiday Luck – WIN?

Episode 7 – FLORIDA LOTTERY SCRATCH OFF – $1 Holiday Luck – $2 Holiday Luck – $5 Holiday Luck – WIN?

Hey! What’s up guys and welcome to episode #7 of The Scratch Til You Win Channel!

As you guys know, I am in a 3 episode losing streak. I thought I could break the streak by getting some big tickets in the last Episode but that proved to be a bust. So today I bought $18 dollars worth of small holiday Luck Tickets. Why $18.00 you may ask? It is exactly how much change I had in my truck. I bought these tickets in coins because I forgot my wallet at home today. The clerk at the gas station laughed at me and made stacks of coins to make sure I had enough but here we are. My goal today is to break this losing streak with a winning ticket. I really don’t care the amount of the win, I just need a win today. I have (5) $1 dollar holiday luck, (4) $2 dollar holiday luck, and (1) $5 dollar Holiday luck.

A weird thing about the Florida Holiday luck game is that these are also second chance opportunity tickets but the ticket itself does not say they are a second chance opportunity. I have played second chance opportunity games in the past but behind the card they usually state it. I discovered this last night when I was checking the Official Florida Lottery website. So guys check if your tickets qualify for a second chance opportunity even if it does not show behind the ticket.

Alright enough of that lets get scratching but before I get started here’s the legal disclaimer. Please do not take any information in this video as any financial advice and make sure you play responsibly. Please understand that these scratch off tickets are games of chance and only play what you can afford to lose. This is for entertainment purposes only.

THE RECAP!!! To keep track of my Profit and Loss, at the end of every video I will be showing you guys my total profit or loss since episode 1. In episodes 1-6 we are currently at a $50.00 loss. Hopefully we can break the streak and put some money in the win column.

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Thanks again guys and good luck everyone!

See you on the next one!

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