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View my current profit and loss statement. I want to be as transparent during my journey to riches…

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ScrathcTilYouWin Message

I love playing scratch off tickets. That momentary rush that I get when I buy a new ticket. I always think and believe that this is the one. The one ticket that will forever change my life. To be quickly brought back to reality and get ready for work the next day.

I have been playing for years and I’ve been pretty lucky to be profitable, most of the time. A couple of big wins here and there and a lot of smaller wins (more common) but in general not to bad.

When I tell friends and family that I have been profitable playing scratch off tickets, they always ask me how profitable? I never kept track of my wins or losses so that is the reason for this site and my youtube channel. I will document my journey and continue to ScratchTil(I)Win.

Whats Nexts…

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Legal Disclaimer: Please do not take any information in this website or in the ScratchTilYouWin Youtube Channel as any financial advice and make sure you play responsibly. Please understand that these scratch off tickets are games of chance and only play what you can afford to lose. This is for entertainment purposes only.