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Episode 22 FLORIDA SCRATCH OFF TICKET WINNER – $30 Gold Rush Special Edition – $20 Luck – SYMBOLS

Hey! What’s up guys and welcome to episode #22 of The Scratch Til You Win Channel!

The last session was a total loss and today I brought back the Gold Rush Special Edition. I usually do pretty good playing this $30 dollar game. I also have the $20 Luck. One of my fellow youtubers Mega Millions Mike suggested that I continue playing this ticket so I am. I also added a link in the description to his channel so check out his channel.

Now, f your new to the Channel, remember to subscribe and hit that like button! I always do a recap at the end of the episode to track my profit and loss since Episode number 1. Also, if you have any suggestions or if there is a game you want me to play mention it down below in the comment section.

Now before I get scratching, here’s the legal disclaimer. Please do not take any information in this video as any financial advice and make sure you play responsibly. Please understand that these scratch off tickets are games of chance and only play what you can afford to lose. This is for entertainment purposes only.

To keep track of my Profit and Loss, at the end of every video I will be showing you guys my total profit or loss since episode 1. In episodes 1-20 we are currently in the red -$95.00 bucks. and in today’s episode, we have spent $50 bucks and won back $________

Now remember guys! This is only for entertainment purposes and not to be represented as any financial advice. If you enjoy the content in this video. Please help support the channel by hitting the Like button and subscribing. Also turn on the bell icon to be notified when I post a new video.

Thanks again guys and good luck everyone!

See you on the next one!

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