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Episode #2 – PLAYING FLORIDA SCRATCH OFF $500,000 Spectacular-$1 Million Holiday Luck – $1 Million Gold Rush-Cash Money

What’s up guys and welcome to episode #2 of The Scratch Til You Win Channel!

Located in the sunshine state of Florida I will be show casing different scratch off games that the Florida Lottery offers. In today’s video I will be playing:

– $5.00 Dollar $500,00 Spectacular
– $5.00 Dollar $1 Million Dollar Gold Rush Classic
– $5.00 Dollar $1 Million Dollar Holiday Luck
– $5.00 Dollar Cash Money

Before I get started here’s the legal disclaimer: Please do not take any information in this video as any financial advise and make sure you play responsibly. Please understand that these scratch off tickets are games of chance and only play what you can afford to lose. This video is intended for entertainment ONLY! Please help support the channel by hitting the Like button and subscribe. Remember to turn on the bell icon to be notified when I post a new video.

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